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  • New Year’s Eve Memes 2021

    It’s been a crazy year for sure, definitely meme worthy. From the Covid-19 omicron variant to Betty White passing, we are sure glad it’s over. But will next year be better? Or will it be another 2020… too? Either way happy new year! Good luck and toast to the best!

  • 2021 Gas Prices Memes

    With gas prices continuing to rise, we can only offer comfort in the way of memes. Enjoy!

  • Famous Blank Memes Templates Page 2

    Carrying on the ongoing effort of collection blank meme templates to help create your own meme, here is page 2. Here you will find the latest and most popular meme templates. In case you missed our first page, check it out here:Famous Blank Meme Templates Page 1 More Blank Meme Template Pages:The Office Blank Meme…

  • 2021 Memes

    2021 is here and things are already looking up. There’s now a vaccine for Covid-19, we have a change in politics, and racism has been destroyed by Twisted Tea. Also, U.S.A. is getting a stimulus of 600, or 2000, because there are no numbers in-between.Editor’s note: never-ending (Jan 7, 2021).