Idleon! Guide: All Bosses Find and Fight Guide

There are currently 10 bosses in Legends of Idleon. This includes 3 world bosses and 4 mini bosses, and 3 dungeon bosses. There is also different phases for each dungeon boss as well. World bosses must be defeated to advance to the next world. However, all other bosses are basically optional. Here we will guide you through how to find and defeat each boss in order of appearance.

All Bosses:
World 1 Bosses:
Baba Yaga (Mini-Boss)
Dr. Defecaus (Mini-Boss)
Grandfrogger (Dungeon Boss)
Amarok (World Boss)

World 2 Bosses:
Biggie Hours (Mini-Boss)
King Doot (Mini-Boss)
Snakenhotep (Dungeon Boss)
Efaunt (World Boss)

World 3 Bosses:
Glaciaxus (Dungeon Boss)
Chizoar (World Boss)

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