Idleon! Guide: All Bosses Find and Fight Guide

There are currently 10 bosses in Legends of Idleon. This includes 3 world bosses and 4 mini bosses, and 3 dungeon bosses. There is also different phases for each dungeon boss as well. World bosses must be defeated to advance to the next world. However, all other bosses are basically optional. Here we will guide you through how to find and defeat each boss in order of appearance.

All Bosses:
World 1 Bosses:
Baba Yaga (Mini-Boss)
Dr. Defecaus (Mini-Boss)
Grandfrogger (Dungeon Boss)
Amarok (World Boss)

World 2 Bosses:
Biggie Hours (Mini-Boss)
King Doot (Mini-Boss)
Snakenhotep (Dungeon Boss)
Efaunt (World Boss)

World 3 Bosses:
Glaciaxus (Dungeon Boss)
Chizoar (World Boss)

All World One Bosses

World one bosses require locating them to fight them. They are all in extra areas, waiting to be found. Most of the bosses in world one are based on having enough damage output, except for the main world boss, Amarok. He requires a bit more tactics and defense when first fighting.

Baba Yaga – World One Mini-Boss

Baba Yaga is an optional boss found in Birch Enclave, through the third portal in Valley of the Beans in World One, the third location from the starting town, Blunder Hills. He can only be found and defeated once an hour on the hour. You will miss him if you don’t get there within a few minutes at top of the any hour, such as 12:00 to 12:03. He can also be found at the end of World One Colosseum. He is required to be seen, then be defeated for the quests Slovakian Scare and The Witcher, But Not Really. His most important drop is Flowies, as that is the only way to get them.

Baba Yaga Fight Tactics
Health: 150,000
100% Accuracy: 450
Damage: up to 425
Baba Yaga doesn’t have much tactic for a boss. Mostly keep distance as he only does extremely close range damage. if he does too much damage. One strategy is too climb up the birch trees to avoid his damage. Farming Baba Yaga requires setting an alarm or reminding yourself to fight him every hour. But, you must choose between fighting Baba Yaga, or doing the spike mini game.

Dr. Defecaus – World One Mini-Boss

Dr. Defecaus is a hidden boss found in the secret sewers of World One. To access him you will need to fight through the poop and the rats until finally reaching him. He only spawns once a day, so you might as well kill him when you port to Meel’s Crypt for its daily farm. Dr. Defecaus is needed for the quest Fired for BS Reasons! given by TP Pete.

Dr. Defecaus Fight Tactics
Health: 750,000
100% Accuracy: 900
Damage: up to 1000

Like Baba Yaga, and most mini-bosses for that matter, there is not much tactic for this fight. Instead, it is important to be the right level, and have decent defense and attack to keep the fight from lasting too long.

Grandfrogger – World One Dungeon Boss

Grandfrogger is one of the bosses everyone may fight the most in Idleon. He is found in the first dungeon of the game, Grandfrogger’s Gazebo. There is three phases of this boss. Like most dungeon bosses, he only requires having enough damage to take him out before time runs out! Like all dungeon bosses he does not drop anything you can keep except dungeon points and their dungeon card.
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Amarok – World One Main Boss

Amarok, aka The Wolf Golem, is the main boss of World One. He is found in Encroaching Forest Villas, on of the last areas of Blunderhills. He is the most challenging boss in World One, like most world bosses. He has a regular and chaotic mode, the latter being much, much more harder.

All World Two Bosses

World two bosses require a bit more problem solving and crafting compared to world one bosses. But after getting the right materials, can be done on the daily, at least once.

Biggie Hours – World Two Mini-Boss

The first boss in World Two isn’t hard to get to, but getting the materials to craft him is a bit more challenging. The first thing you will need to do is farm the recipe from Crabcakes in the Dessert Dunes area of World Two. Then, onto the materials. You will need 2 Woodular Circles found off Walking Sticks at Base of the Bark in World One. Then get 1 Capitalist Case from the vendor in Encroaching Forest Villas in World One. You can buy 2 of these a day so stock up! Also you will need 5 Distilled waters, found from the alchemy shop or a World Three constant drop. After that you can craft Googley Eyes. Drop the Googley Eyes next to the broken hour glass at The Mimic Hole in World Two. As long as you have the Googly Eyes you can continue summoning Biggie Hours.

Notable Drops:
Time Candies

King Doot – World Two Mini-Boss

King Doot is another boss that requires materials farming to summon. On top of this you will also need all three of the main classes present to summon, so get some friends! Or… join the Discord group for Legends of Idleon to find others needing the quest. A later update requires this to only be done once, then you will receive the Dootaphone, allowing you to summon King Doot as much as you want solo, as long as you have a Dootjat Eye.

Notable Drops:
Midnight Cookie
Trimmed Rune Platelegs
Time Candies

Snakenhotep – World Two Dungeon Boss

Another damage and challenge based dungeon boss. Much like the one before from the first dungeon, he requires beating the stage. If successful, it is only a matter of having enough damage to take him out before time runs out. Like all dungeon bosses he does not drop anything you can keep except dungeon points and their dungeon card.

Efaunt – World Two Main Boss

The skeleton elephant boss of the desert. To Defeat Efaunt you must first take out his six arms, then you can go for the head.

Notable Drops:
Midnight Cookies
Ripped Tunic
Royal Turban

All World Three Bosses

Currently there are only two bosses in World Three… that we know of! It is uncertain if more are to come. But World Three does have a world boss and dungeon boss. The lack of mini-bosses is made up for by having giant monsters that spawn while active during gameplay.

Glaciaxus – World Three Dungeon Boss

Glaciaxus is the boss of the third dungeon found in World Three. Like all dungeon bosses he does not drop anything you can keep except dungeon points and their dungeon card.

Chizoar – World Three Main Boss

The ice lizard of World Three. Like all world bosses before it, there is a bit of tactics and strategy to fighting it. That is, until you become over powered.
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Notable Drops:
Chizoar’s Blankie