The Hottest Bulma Cosplay from Dragon Ball (Various Costumes and Models)

Bulma from Dragon Ball is one of the sexiest, coolest, and common cosplays out there, and these girls pull it off. Check out this hot collection of some of the best Bulma cosplay around!

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Dragon Ball Names: Saiyans and Vegetables

Dragon Ball Super loves to mix in strange western influenced references. From using werewolf references or a Winnie The Pooh like character, there is many Easter eggs for western culture. One of the most known facts of this is the vegetable related names of primary characters, the Saiyans.

It is well known that many of the character names are silly in Dragon Ball Z. But one of the funniest play on names starts in Dragon Ball Z. This is when Goku discovers members of his home planet, Planet Vegeta, and his birth name. Vegeta, a twist on the word vegetable, is a hint at all the names. Most true Saiyans are named after some type of vegetable, or edible greens. Here is a few examples.

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