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  • Or Something IDK Memes

    Sometimes people want to be part of the fun but have no idea what they are talking about. This seems to happen more with memes. Luckily there is a meme for that! “Or something idk” is a meme for completely mistaken words or identities. See the “or something idk” meme samples below for a clear…

  • Some Bad Tattoos

    Friends don’t let friends get bad tattoos. Using the wrong artist, getting the wrong idea, I don’t know what happened but here is some of the best of the worst tattoos.

  • Best Pet Costume Pictures and Memes

    Rather IRL costumes or silly ideas, here is some of our favorite pet costumes pictures and memes found around the web! When Pets do Cosplay:

  • X-Men’s Quicksilver in Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr Commercial

    X-Men’s Quicksilver in Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr Commercial

    A couple of cross over commercial featuring X-Men from X-Men: Days of Future Past eating hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. food products is making its way around the web. The first two commercials released features Quicksilver and Mystique, eating burgers and biscuit. This is one I would like to know the general comic book fan’s view…

  • Comics and Memes Originals (memes one)

    Our collection of free to use funny memes! Enjoy and please share! Untrollable Meme Save On Car Insurance Meme Why Edward Norton Didn’t Play The Hulk In Avengers Carly Rae Jepsen Meme Facebook versus Myspace Meme Get Your Shit Together Meme Stange Facebook Meme Kim Jong Un Gangnam Style Meme Life’s a Beach Meme –…