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X-Men’s Quicksilver in Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr Commercial

A couple of cross over commercial featuring X-Men from X-Men: Days of Future Past eating hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. food products is making its way around the web.
i can has cheezburger biscuit quicklsilver comic meme
The first two commercials released features Quicksilver and Mystique, eating burgers and biscuit. This is one I would like to know the general comic book fan’s view on. Because these commercials don’t exactly go crazy on effects. Mystique turns into a dude, and Quicksilver moves fast, but it’s in slow motion. So it’s normal but with sound effects. Idk.

Quicksilver & The X-tra Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit

I could grab bacon really quick if it fell. I guess that is my mutant power.

Mystique & The Western X-tra Bacon Thickburger at Hardee’s

But wait, don’t like the commercials? It is a strong theory that Hardee’s makes commercials so bad that people talk about them, so they still work. I mean, Norm McDonald as a Star mascot, what else could be any more boring and weird. There’s plenty more but I should save that for another post. I am just saying brilliant job on their part, taking heroes from a movie getting much grief for its casting and directing. Many believe Singer and Fox are harming X-Men, and Hardee’s gets a perfect commercial deal.

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