Mega Man 1 – 4 Boss Order

Mega Man 1 Boss Order:
Bomb Man > Guts Man > Cut Man
Elec Man > Ice Man > Fire Man

Mega Man 2 Boss Order:
Wood Man > Air Man > Crash Man > Quick Man
Metal Man > Flash Man > Bubble Man > Heat Man

Mega Man 3 Boss Order:
Magnet Man > Hard Man > Top Man > Shadow Man
Spark Man > Snake Man > Gemini Man > Needle Man

Mega Man 4 Boss Order:
Toad Man > Bright Man > Pharaoh Man > Ring Man
Dust Man > Skull Man > Dive Man > Drill Man

Mega Man X Makes His Comic Debut

Giving the fans what they want seems to be the them lately in comics. ¬†Archie Comics does just that in one of the latest issues of Mega Man, Mega Man #34. The story line of X begins in the pages, while the regular Mega Man story continues. Continue reading “Mega Man X Makes His Comic Debut”