Mega Man X Comic

Mega Man X Makes His Comic Debut

Giving the fans what they want seems to be the them lately in comics.  Archie Comics does just that in one of the latest issues of Mega Man, Mega Man #34. The story line of X begins in the pages, while the regular Mega Man story continues.

I talk about many comic books, but this is one I have claimed as a must read for anyone who is a fan of the mega man gaming series. The story not only connects pieces from each game, it even goes in the order of preferred boss kills. In game, order of appearances is  what gave Mega Man the upper hand.

Once again, the writers of Mega Man,  , have started a story line focused on the game, Mega Man X. The story starts 100 years in the future with Dr. Cain finding an old capsule of the famous Dr. Light.
Want to see more of Mega Man X in the comic? Check out this preview:

Mega Man #34 Preview –
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