Multiversus Harley Quinn Play Guide

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Harley Quinn Variant Skins

Harley Quinn is a vertical assassin from the DC universe. She plays fast, juggles well, and hits hard. She is like a glass cannon, able to do major damage and get quick knock outs, but can also be pushed off easily herself if played too lose.

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WB’s Multiversus Game Guide & Info

Multiversus is a new game by Warner Bros. Games and Players First Games. It a tag team fighting game like Super Smash Bros featuring characters from all over the Warner Brothers entertainment company such as Bugs Bunny, Shaggy, Finn, and Superman. It is available to play on Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation, and Xbox. It is currently free to play and in open beta!

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Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Multiversus

Currently Multiversus in in open beta so there is no ranked play. So just choose your favorite characters and enjoy the game! It isn’t to heavy on characters and game modes yet, but much more is sure to come. Use this guide to get more familiar with the game and dive in along with us.

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