Multiversus Harley Quinn Play Guide

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Harley Quinn Variant Skins

Harley Quinn is a vertical assassin from the DC universe. She plays fast, juggles well, and hits hard. She is like a glass cannon, able to do major damage and get quick knock outs, but can also be pushed off easily herself if played too lose.

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Harley Quinn History and Background

Harley Quinn has become quite the popular character these past few decades. Many don’t know that she actually has her origins in the Batman Animated Series and not the comics! Although now she has been in many comics and movies. She is the star of Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, and even has her own animated series. Originally a sidekick of the Joker, she is more associated with her partner in crime Poison Ivy and the Suicide Squad as of lately.

Harley Quinn Moves List

Wack!: Neutral+Attack+Ground
Wack is Harley Quinn’s side knock out attack move with her mullet. It can be charged, and works by using the attack button with no direction or the trigger button set to neutral attacks by default. It can be combined with Harley’s side attack “Clown Combo” for damage and attempted knock outs. It may not be used as much as other moves and combos, and can be situational. Such as defending opponents trying to get back from the side of map.

Clown Combo: Side+Attack+Ground
This is Harley Quinn’s basic attack and combo move. It can be used four times in a row to knock up and over enemies or finished with either of Harley Quinn’s up attack or up special. Also it can be part of a five hit combo if on the third hit you switch to Harley’s down/ground attack Slider. It is good for building damage, and adding stacks of Confetti Grenade is it’s applied.

Heads Up!: Up+Attack+Ground
This is a chargeable overhead move. If fully charged it will swing first hitting 4 times before knocking the opponent into the air. Fully charged it can hit the opponent higher into the air. Both Harley’s up attack and up special makes the enemy air born. However Heads Up will not make Harley air born, while Batter Up will.

Slider: Down+Attack+Ground
Slider is a ground kick attack than be charged. Tapping attack again after the first kick will add a second. It is part of a five hit combo started with three hits form batter up and finished with two hits from Slider.

Aerial Pummeler: Neutral+Attack+In Air
Aerial Pummeler is much like Wack! but in done in the air. It is a chargable attack move that can cause knock outs with Harley’s mallet.

Flying Kicks: Side+Attack+In Air
Harley Quinn’s air side move is a three kick combo, with the last kick knocking Harley back from her opponent. It is a good air damage attack and finishes a bit with defense play.

Confetti Grenade!: Up+Attack+In Air
This move does 5 damage plus 10 burn damage if 5 stacks are reached, without any buffs or perks. The move Confetti Grenade is usually combined with Batter Up to juggle opponents and attempt top screen knock outs. One hit from Confetti Grenade will start the stacks applied. Any of Harley Quinn’s moves will keep applying stacks. After about 5 seconds the stacks will start to decay. Connecting a hit will reset the five minute timer.

Boxing Ringer: Down+ Attack+In Air
Boxing Ringer is basically Harley Quinn’s downward projectile move. It is used in the air and shoot downwards. It is great for trying to get bottom map knock outs. If combined with Harley Quinn’s signature perk Glove Control, she can aim the direction of Boxer Ringer’s projectile.

Stuffie Bat: Neutral+Special+Ground/Air
Stuffie Bat is Harley Quinn’s bomb move. It applies Confetti and can be set off by pressing Special. It also can be buffed up with her signature perk Confetti Explosion.

Prank Shot: Side+Special+Ground/Air
Prank Shot is a defensive dodge style damage move. She will sweep forward and shoot a small projectile the opposite way. Using back and Prank Shot is a good way to dodge incoming attacks and counter. It can alos be used in air to escape attacks as well.

Batter Up!: Up+Special+Ground/Air
This move is a great way to finish combos and knock opponents into the air. If done on the ground it will lift Harley into the air as well to start a juggle or continue an air attack.

Jerk-In-The-Box: Down+Special+Ground/Air
Jerk-In-The-Box is a map control move for Harley Quinn. She can place boxes with ballons around the stage, which either allow her and allies to get an extra jump, or bounce opponents in the air.

Harley Quinn Play Style

Harley Quinn’s main focus as an assassin is to knockout characters out at the top of the screen. She is labeled to be the best at what she does, which is knock out’s and damage. By juggling (get it! Juggling.. clown.. haha!) between her two up moves in the air, or even her up moves on the ground starting out, she can push a character with low damage out of the game early on if not defended or dodged. Combining this with her stuffie bat plush bomb and her jerk-in-the-box move, she can even keep them in the air longer.

Harley Quinn’s prank shot and jerk-in-the-nox allow good defense control. Combined with her speed she can always fins a way to set up an attack or map control. Harley Quinn’s special moves are the same rather she is in air or on the ground.

Harley Quinn Combo
Harley’s main combo is using here side attack finished with two down/ground kicks from Slider. He side attack can also be combined with her up attacks to attempt to start juggling and causing knock outs.

Harley Quinn Team Play

Harley Quinn doesn’t have too many support moves. She can cause much damage and finish knock outs though. Her stage presence with Jack-In-The- Box works well for team map control. Jack-In-The-Box can be used by team allies as well. Also, her Stuffie Bat bomb can be attached to teammates as well to create a defensive like explosion. If a teammate has an enemy already in the air, Harley Quinn can bust out her air combos to finish the job.

Harley Quinn Best Perks

Harley Quinn Signature Perks:

Harley Quinn’s signature perks are all pretty good, and should be selected depending on your play style.

Smooth Moves:
This signature perk allows Harley to be invincible briefly when starting her special attacks. This goes great with Prank Shot, and also allows a bit more defense for this glass cannon of a character.

Glove Control:
This is probably one of the most chosen signature perks for Harley Quinn. It makes Boxing Ringer way more viable and easier to land. It also Causes Boxing Ringer to bounce up and to the side giving way more playability.

Confetti Explosion:
Personally when playing Harley I focus on going full on top screen knock outs. Confetti Explosion is a great signature perk, making her confetti stack explosions knock the opponent higher in the air. Combined with her juggling up attacks it makes early knocks out even more possible!

Harley Quinn Global Perks:

Harley Quinn benefits from almost any air or up knock back perks. She also benefits greatly from many damage perks. Here’s a few you may consider using when playing Harley Quinn in Multiversus.

Up Up and A-Slay Perk:
Get 5% more damage on up knock out moves, which are many of Harley’s moves. (10% if ally has as well)

Tasmanian Trigonometry Perk:
Your ream receives 15% more knock back. (25% if ally has as well)

In a Single Bound, Leg Day Champ, and Aerial Acrobat are also great perks for Harley Quinn for in air control.

Harley Quinn Variant Skins

Harley Quinn currently has 3 different variant skins in Multiversus. These are Harley Quinn, Mad Love, and Task Force X.

Harley Quinn Main Skin
Harley Quinn Mad Love Skin
Harley Quinn Task Force X Skin