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  • TikTok: Logan Lisle (Dad Jokes)

    Logan Lisle has taken the dad joke humor, one-liners, and observation humor to a different level on TikTok. With over 150 videos and going on TikTok, you can see the inception and progression of his TikTok profile turning into Dad Jokes. The videos usually show two men sitting on a dock telling jokes. Early in…

  • Tiktok: Best of Adrian Bliss

    Here we have put together what is debatably the funniest Tiktok videos by Adrian Bliss. All of them will give you a chuckle. If you enjoy these check out his Tiktok profile: adrianbliss. Who is Adrian Bliss? Adrian Bliss is an extremely successful Tiktoker/YouTuber digital creator and comic with over 7 million followers and over…

  • TikTok Videos: Best of Karen

    Karens can be entitled, rude customers, or invasive people who think they over rule your rights and our laws. Here is a collection of popular and most entertaining Karen videos on TikTok. Some are set up, some seem real, and some are just funny examples.

  • TikTok Videos: What Sound Is That? A Dinosaur

    One hot TikTok video making its way around the web is JUHUHSISC PAROK by Kerry & Ju. Mainly famous for the way she says “Rawwr” and Dinosaur. Made popular as a sound for other TikTokers to use such as country girl Alyssa Caps, the funny pronunciation is cute yet silly.

  • Gorilla Glue Girl Memes

    Tessica Brown went on TikTok in early February to share a huge mistake she had made. After running out of Got2Be Glued hair spray, she decided to replace the product with Gorilla Glue spray adhesive. The internet had a ball making memes about the fiasco. Enjoy!