TikTok Videos: What Sound Is That? A Dinosaur

One hot TikTok video making its way around the web is JUHUHSISC PAROK by Kerry & Ju. Mainly famous for the way she says “Rawwr” and Dinosaur.

Made popular as a sound for other TikTokers to use such as country girl Alyssa Caps, the funny pronunciation is cute yet silly.


hope everyone has a awesome week. take time to smile. life is too short . #rawr #imadinosaur #southcarolina #countrystyle

♬ JUHUHSISC PAROK – kerry & ju

Rarw 😏❤️ #misfit_alliance⚔️ #ghosties👻 #house_of_jam💀 ItsGreatOutdoors AmazonMusicProudHeroes #MakeNightsEpic #rawr JurassicPark #oh #fyp

♬ JUHUHSISC PAROK – kerry & ju

The See here below the original sound and video that started this new tending fad on TikTok. Rawwwr!


today’s conversation topic: 🦖 JUH-UH-SIS-C PAROK🦖 ✨rüür✨ @thisiskerrington #fyp #DoritosFlatLife

♬ JUHUHSISC PAROK – kerry & ju