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  • Zuck Vs. Musk Cage Match Fight Memes

    Elon Musk recently told Mark Zuckerberg he is up for a cage match if he is. Which Mark replied to “send me location” and better start training. Now this is a fight we would all like to see. Musk: Age 51 Height 6’2″ Weight 200 lbs Zuck: Age 39 Height 5’7″ Weight 155 lbs

  • Andrew Tate Memes

    Andrew Tate Memes

    Andrew Tate cannot seem to stay out of the news for bad reasons. After recently getting roasted on Twitter by Greta Thunberg for saying small pee pee energy, he then got arrested by Romanian police. He was found after posting a clapback video on Twitter at a local pizzeria called Jerry’s Pizza. There is too…

  • She’s A 10 but… Memes

    “He’s a 10 but…” or “She’s a 10 but…” memes supposedly started when Tiktok star Leah Woods. Leah started a would you date type rating game such as, he’s a 6 but has a nice truck. Which her friend replies then he is an 8. This jumped started a new meme format for 2022, “a…

  • AirPods Max Memes

    With a high price and name brand of an Apple product, people aren’t reacting how the company probably wanted. Twitter had a good time memeing up the look and price of the new AirPod Max.

  • Pokemonmastersex memes

    The official Twitter page of the mobile Pokemon game, Pokemon Masters EX made an internet boo boo this week when they decided to make their Twitter tag. The tag was #pokemonmastersEX. As harmless as it was intended, it ended up being a bit closer to creepy. Without the capitalization, it looked worse than just pokemon…