The Significance Of Spider-Man’s Death

Spider-Man’s death in Infinity Was was not only one of the most emotional scenes, it also has great significance with storyline, specially Tony Stark, the great Iron Man. In his last few moments, much is revealed in this small scene.

Death made spider-sense tingle… so were mine Peter, so were mine.
In the beginning of Spider-Man’s death, he seems to notice something wrong before he starts to fade away. If that subtle theory doesn’t seem true, then question why it seemed his death took longer. Everyone else seems to go in a couple seconds, while Spider-Man’s death lasted a long, painful minute… for all of us.

Dying a Hero.
Like previously said, this scene shows us much. One thing about that scene that is more of a nod to the acting skills of Tom Holland is the very last few seconds of Spider-Man’s death. At first, Spider-Man is in shock of his fate, saying “I don’t feel so good”.  he seems tormented, but at the end, he pulls it together, showing his bravery and acceptance of his death, and even apologizes to Tony with a “Sorry”. Was he apologizing for dying or was it for the failing to help stop Thanos?

How Spider-Man’s death effects Iron Man.
After Spider-Man’s death, Tony will be traumatized. Early in Avengers’ Infinity War we see Tony talking with Pepper about having kids, and protecting them. Tony/Iron Man sees Spider-Man as a child superhero, and knows he is his mentor. All this being said, he was not prepared to see Spider-Man die, and this will change him. I do not expect to see the same Iron Man in Avengers 4 as we have seen before. After all, Doctor Strange hints that Tony is the key, maybe the death of his young friend is his motivation.

Update: Now that the Infinity War DVD and digital release is out, there many bonus features telling more to the story. Joe Russo (director/writer) claims it is Spider-Man’s will and strength, that allows him to live longer than the others, not his Spider-Sense.