Thor: Love and Thunder first set photos now online

Thor: Love and Thunder, the 24th movie in the MCU, began filming recently in Australia. Love and Thunder is the 4th Thor movie, and works as sequel for Thor: Ragnorak, and one of the first movies in the MCU’s phase four.

Luckily, recent pictures have shown up online for us to see. If you’ve been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe is should be no suprise to see many of the Guardians of the Galaxy members with Thor. One of the biggest images shows Kraglin with Yondu’s arrow mohawk attachment. We last saw Kraglin (played by the director James Gunn’s brother, Sean Gunn) practicing with it at the end credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Also we get a couple images of Nebula in full costume, and Starlord and Thor side by side. We see Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and what looks like his stun double, wearing jeans and a white no sleeve t-shirt. So can assume some of the story takes place on Earth. Thor: Love and Thunder is set to release February 11th, 2022.