Thor: The Dark World – Marvel Secrets: Dr. Selvig’s chalkboard

A diagram of the marvel universe and many realms can be seen in the new movie, Thor: The Dark World.
Thor: The Dark World - Marvel Secrets: Dr. Selvig's chalkboard Many Marvel references are found in Dr. Selvig’s chalkboard
selvigs chalkboard-thor 2 dark world details

Kyle+Yost = X
Kyle and Yost are the names of the creators of the Marvel character X-23, a girl created from Wolverines DNA.

The Fault/Crossraods
The Fault is a reference from Doctor Strange, who send the Hulk there. It is a unstable rift in space. The Crossroad may be a strange collision of space systems created by the Crossroads.

616 Universe:
Marvel recognizes there are parallel universes. Universe 616 is where most stories take place.

9 Realms:
Here you can see the main planets of each realm, including Earth and Asgard.

The Dark Energy Universe:
This is a place of reference in many Marvel comics. Some monsters come from there, and it may be close to the negative zone, where Galactus was sent in Fantastic Four 2: The Silver Surfer (which is better explained in the comic Ultimate Destruction.

Fractal Gateway:
This may be the connecting path to other universes and realms.