Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 (remake) Grind Moves for PS4

Grind moves are a key element in combos and tricks in Tony Hawk Proskater 1 + 2 remake. For some reason the grind moves are not listed in the trick menu for characters. This could be because they are not changeable (except special grinds), but it would be nice to be displayed. So we have made a list of grind tricks to assist in mad combos, along with a few tips to have a grinding guide.

Basic Grind Moves lists

Grind TrickControls
50-50No directional + Triangle
NoseslideLeft + Triangle
TailslideRight + Triangle
NosegrindUp + Triangle
5-0Down + Triangle
OvercrookTop Left + Triangle
CrookedTop Right + Triangle
FeebleBottom Left + Triangle
SmithBottom Right + Triangle

Advanced Grinding Tricks

Boardslide/Lipslide: Besides using the basic moves to grind, you can also change up the grind depending on how you land, and which way you are facing. for instance, landing on the side will cause a no directional button to be a Boardslide/Lipslide instead of a 50-50.

FS/BS: Each basic grind is also front side (FS) or back side (BS), once again, depending how you are turned when you land it.

So, even with a basic grind, you can create many different versions such as a FS 50-50, BS 50-50, FS Boardslide, BS Boardslide. All of this with only pushing triangle… and turning/spinning.

Double Tap: Also, you can go into other basic combos without leaving the grind. No jumping required! Simply double tap any of the three trick buttons to switch. Square square: switch to Smith. Circle circle: switch to Crooked. Triangle triangle: switch to 50-50.

Special Grind Moves lists

Below is a list of special grind tricks, which are assigned controls with two directional arrows and then triangle in the character menu.

Big Hitter II
Crail Slide
Beni Fingerflip Crooks
Nosegrind to Pivot
One Foot Smith
Rocket Tailslide
Rowley Darkslide
5-0 Overturn
Heelflip Darkslide
Madonna Tail Slide
Hang Ten Nosegrind
Nose Grab Tailslide
Cab Flip FS Boardslide