X-Men: Days Of Future Past – Movie Review (Unspoiled)

Rather you are a huge X-fan or a unfamiliar movie goer, I would give this movie somewhere between a B and B-. I was more impressed than expected with how the stories connected to the past and future of the current X-Men movies. Although many major questions are answered, they never really say how Professor X managed to actually survive or come back to life after X-Men: The Last Stand. For the most part, things are left at a very open ending, giving many follow up options for the next wave of X-Men movies.

The actors did a better job than ever before capturing the characters they play. Hugh Jackman seems to get better in each movie as Wolverine, and Jennifer Lawrence dominated the role of mystique, showing her true rebellious vigilante side. James McAvoy sums up the emotion and troubles of Professor X, making me not even care that he has hair.

Although the visuals are better and the over all story seems more like an X-Men comic then the previous works of X-Men,  I feel one element was missing. X-Men has always been a team effort of comic book heroes.  While the cast listing on IMDB would have you believe there is not one but two teams of X-Men trying to fight of the future doom of mutants, it mostly focuses around Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, and Mystique. All the other characters seem to be more background.

Once again I am disappointed by the lack of team players that made me love X-Men as a kid. The closest they have come to capturing this was in X-Men: First Class. Colossus, Iceman, and many others barely have screen time, as we watch the four main characters piece together the story. I was excited for the casting of Ellen Page as Shadowcat, but she is barely seen as well.

But if you are into special effects and in your face colors, this is a movie for you. But you if are a true X-fan like me, be weary and not too judgmental and you may still enjoy it.