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Xpanding the X-Movies: Villians

In part of a series I hope to start writing on, this focuses on future plot and character ideas for Marvel and Fox’s X-Men movie universe. This article is all about the possible villains in future X-movies.

With X-Men: Apocalypse and possibly a X-Force movie in the future for our mutant heroes, it is no doubt writers and directors will be searching for the biggest and baddest to challenge the ever growing roster of X-Men. Just to go ahead and get it out there, I am thinking Mr. Sinister with Apocalypse for the Apocalypse movie, and Stryfe for the possible X-Force movie. Do you agree? Let me explain myself.

First off, any new ideas or characters will have to take place after the events in Days of Future Past, well at least make sense with the movie. Days of Future Past could not only be a cure for current loose ends, but a great launching point for future antagonist. Thanks to the events in Future Past, now the whole world knows many mutants exists, even those with extreme power. Time travel is now possible.

This could lead into a huge stack of antagonists. So far in the series of X-Movies it has been rather the same group of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, or government affiliation. But even the brotherhood looks easy compared to the Apocalypse. But introducing Apocalypse without introducing Mr. Sinister would be a huge miss. Here is why:

Apocalypse is said to use his technology to advance Nathan Essex’s research, allowing him to transform into Mr. Sinister. Also, both Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse want the X-Men for there DNA and powers.
There is even more reason for them working together, such as common goals and story placement. In this morbid obsession with mutant powers, Apocalypse could aim for obtaining the ability to time travel, after hearing of it in the events of Future Past.

So that would wrap up the main antagonists for the X-Men: Days of Future Past, but what about X-Force? Could X-Force be done without Cable? I hope not. Especially since the story is already there. Cable is a mercenary from the future, the son of Jean Grey and Cyclops. And he is always after Apocalypse. So Cable returning back in time to create an X-Force to stop Apocalypse would work, except Apocalypse is getting his own movie. So who would they be after? Well, Ideally Apocalypse, but he is never found. Enter Stryfe.
Stryfe is a clone of Cable created in the future, but kidnapped and raised by Apocalypse. Luckily, he is powerful enough to be the main villain in X-Force, and if that movie comes out first, would be a great smooth transition from Days of Future Past to Apocalypse. In fact, Stryfe and Mr. Sinister could both appear in X-Force, showing plans for an oncoming uprise from a future leader.

Do you agree with this as new direction for villains and plots in the X-Men movies? I would love some feedback. I take all comments into consideration before updating or adding new articles.
– Cooky311

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