1985 Video Game Releases

1985 was a big year for video games! This pivotal year marked a significant milestone in video game history, introducing players to a range of memorable titles that would shape the industry for years to come. Join us as we take a closer look at the standout releases from this exciting era of gaming innovation and adventure.

  • Balloon Fight (Nintendo)
  • Baseball (Nintendo)
  • Clu Clu Land (Nintendo)
  • Duck Hunt (Nintendo)
  • Golf (Nintendo)
  • Gumshoe (Nintendo)
  • Gyromite (Nintendo)
  • Hogan’s Alley (Nintendo)
  • Ice Climber (Nintendo)
  • Kung-Fu (Nintendo)
  • Mach Rider (Nintendo)
  • Pinball (Nintendo)
  • Stack-Up (Nintendo)
  • Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
  • Tennis (Nintendo)
  • Urban Champion (Nintendo)
  • Wild Gunman (Nintendo)
  • Wrecking Crew (Nintendo)