Month: July 2019

  • Celebrities Join Area 51 Raid

    Just when you thought we didn’t have a chance, an All-Star assembly of celebrities have joined the cause to free them aliens, clap some cheeks, and expose some highly advanced cool stuff. Here’s who we got in the line up for the raid so far. (Not including Florida Man, and groups like Kyles and Karens)…

  • Area 51 Raid Memes

    It sounds like a video game mission. But it isn’t. A petition has been made to raid Area 51 in Neveda September 20th, 2019 to free them aliens. It is a nice gesture. But we still need to share these memes to get the movement going!

  • Super Heroes as Cats

    sad Artist Fajareka has done a great job reimagining the movie super heroes of Marvel and DC as regular house cats. See his awesome cute work below. Source: Black Panther as a Cat View this post on Instagram if you got bitten by this kitty, you will be a blackkitteh! #blackpanther #marvel #kitty #universe…