Celebrities Join Area 51 Raid

Just when you thought we didn’t have a chance, an All-Star assembly of celebrities have joined the cause to free them aliens, clap some cheeks, and expose some highly advanced cool stuff. Here’s who we got in the line up for the raid so far. (Not including Florida Man, and groups like Kyles and Karens)

Area 51: The Heavy Hitters

Looks like Area 51 guards are going to have a hard time from the start with this front line. We got Chuck Norris and John Wick himself, topped off with a little Shaggy power. Like, zoinks, that’s not enough, The Rock and the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, are also down for a Area 51 run through.

Area 51: The Big Brains of the Plan

No matter how much muscle you got, a good raid attack needs some planning, a master mind if you will. Luckily, Elon Musk himself as joined the cause. And, if things get too hectic, we got dinosaur survivor/specialists Jeff Goldblum on our crew. The aliens themselves couldn’t make a better team so far!

Avengers Assembled For Alien @$$

Extra power hitters Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland have also joined the cause. I don’t think they know they aren’t actually Avengers, but we will keep that to ourselves. I guess we will finally see what… Him’s Worth… *finger guns.

Even Television Celebrities Want Some Action

TV allstars Betty White, The Office Crew, and Uncle Jesse himself are joining the Alien Freedom Brigade assault on Area 51. Let’s hope they have mercy on them guards.