Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game time machine allows story replay.

Soon this month, March 2020, the new hit video game Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will release a new patch featuring time travel. In other words, unlike before, you will be able to go back in time and replay story chapters previously beaten.

Coronavirus Cases in Tennessee (over 100)

As of Today, March 19, at least one hundred and one cases of the Coronavirus are confirmed in Tennessee, USA.

Hamilton County area, home of Comicsandmemes, which is based in Chattanooga, Tn, has confirmed two new cases of the Coronavirus. Now there are three total in the Chattanooga area.

Covid-19 continues to spread in Tennessee as schools close until late April, with some cities and counties in Tennessee calling for emergency closing of all dine in restaurants and bars.

Current count of Coronavirus cases in Tennesee by county:

  • Davidson County – 58
  • Williamson County – 24
  • Sumner County – 2
  • Rutherford County – 1
  • Cheatham County – 1
  • Robertson County – 1
  • Campbell County – 1
  • Hamilton County – 3
  • Jefferson County – 1
  • Knox County – 2
  • Sevier County -1
  • Shelby County – 4
  • Sullivan County – 1

The first case in Tennessee was from a 44 year old man from Williamson County. He has shared a public post of Facebook about his trials. Dramatically nicknamed Patient Zero, he is recovering will with his family.