Agents of Shield is a Hit

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With comic books hitting the big screen and more action taking to the small screen, it is no surprise that Agents of Shield is a hit. There are a few elements that bring this show together.
1. Agents of Shield brings an open door for people new and old to Marvel Comics. Agents is a show that may appeal to all ages. By taking place in the Marvel Universe, the possibilities are near endless. As you can see in the first episode pilot, not even death is certain in marvel.marvel agents of shield show

2. Agents of Shield has the style of many prime time shows. Continuing the look and feel many people are used to with NCIS, Law & Order, and other hit shows. But with Marvel and Joss Whedon together don’t be surprised to see some vivid color and special effects.
3. With the big movie hits to support the story line, we don’t know what to expect. After all, this is the group that did avengers, so it may tie into other Marvel plots.

There are a few concerns I do have about this series, such as rights for characters and names. Marvel Studios has had a big problem with the new X-Men movie “Days of Future Past” and Avengers 2 crossing paths, and some of the agreements are absurd. For instance, Avengers can not use the word “mutant” since Fox is using that right from marvel. Yet Avengers is full of mutant allies and enemies.
Another concern for me and other fans is how much give Joss Whedon will have with character development, but since many new characters are created for this show it might not be a problem.

But I believe Joss Whedon has earned the right to make his mark and liberties with the Marvel Universe, if not with avengers, his work with Astonishing X-Men alone was a break-through in the comic world. But he doesn’t need to twist the stories to create an interesting show. The mystery of how Coulson is still alive is an idea for a show itself. But that may not develop for awhile. Plus we have a few thoughts on how Coulson is alive, and back from the dead.

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