All Materia FFXII Remake Guide & Info

Materia is used by attaching it to your equipment. Materia can be set in slots of weapons, armor, or accessories. Materia may also be linked together for certain effects, and leveled up for an extra bonus.

Materia Colors:
Green (spells), Yellow (abilities),
Blue (passive) Purple (bonus stats/rewards),
and Red (summon).

Chadley’s Battle Intel Missions:
Chadley and materia go hand in hand. Chadley is a researcher finding new ways to use materia. Each mission challenge he has rewards materia. In fact, he gives 4 out of 6 of the current summons materia in the game. Chadley also gives the command (ability) materia Assess Materia.

Magic Materia (Green)

Magic materia allows spell use in battle.

  • Fire Materia
    Default equpped
  • Healing Materia
    Given by Jessie in Chapter 2. Healing is first materia you get, opening the menu to view and equip materia.
  • Ice Materia
    Can be found in most shops
  • Lightning Materia
    Can be found in most shops
  • Revival Materia
    Found in Chapter 4, after beating Roche. When you meet up with Jessie right down the stairs.

Command Materia (Yellow)

Command Materia allows your characters to use unique abilities. One of the first in game is given by Chadley in Chapter 3.

  • Assess Materia
    Given by Chadley in Chapter 3.

Support Materia (Blue)

A passive materia type useful in battles.

  • Auto-Cure Materia
    This materia is obtained after the first of Chadley’s subquest.

Complete Materia (Purple)

Complete Materia are often rare and usable by a few characters. The first two Complete Materia are hidden while in free range.

  • HP Up Materia
    Hp Up is a rare materia found in Chapter 2 behind a white van
  • Deadly Dodge Materia
    Found on the rooftop next to the ladder going down in Chapter 2.

Summons Materia (Red)

Besides Ifrit, currently all in-game found summons are obtained by completing Chadley’s Battle Data Challenges.

  • Ifrit Summon Materia
    First Summon Materia given in game by Jessie at the end of Chapter 3. This materia is part of the story and cannot be missed.
  • Chocobo & Moogle Summon Materia
  • Shiva Summon Materia
  • Fat Chocobo Summon Materia
  • Leviathan Summon Materia
  • Bahamut Summon Materia
  • Chocobo Chick Summon Materia (pre-order FFXII)
  • Cactaur Summon Materia (Deluxe Edition)
  • Carbuncle Summon Materia (Deluxe Edition)

Materia in Order of Appearance

Chapter 2 Materia:
Healing materia, Fire Materia, Ice Materia, Hp Up Materia, Deadly Dodge Materia

Chapter 3 Materia:
Ice Materia, Lightning Materia, Assess Materia, Ifrit Materia

Chapter 4 Materia:
Revival Materia

Chapter 5 Materia:
Healing Materia, Lightning Materia