Am I a robot?

There are times in my life I think I could be a robot, even with all the proof of evidence I am not. But I may be fooled, thinking I am not a robot, when really I am. Could I actually be a robot? Here are some thoughts to the true answer.

I often have strange ideas and thought, as I believe humans often do. But then again it may be a thing with me and other confused androids. Am I real? Do other people actually exist? In the past I wondered if it is possible I am the only living human and everyone else is robots, but now I know it could easily be the other way around.

Although I have often thought I could actually be a robot, a few events lately have really pushed this theory.
Clues I could be a robot:
1. I often obsess over techonology and programming. Am I a robot trying to get to understand myself better, much like humans like to understand religion and family?
2. I often fail at CAPTCHA and other “Are you human?” online test.
3. I sleep too much. So obviously I need more maintenance, or downtime than people do.
4. Sometimes I don’t like people.

But I have to ask, if I am a robot, how come others and myself don’t know it? The answer is quite obvious. Robots are not a big part of society, and to have one walking among us would freak many people out. just like how the government says they haven’t found aliens. Pff, thats silly, no way there is aliens. Robots killed them all. So to keep the secret safe, I cannot know myself either. Besides, if everyone knew I was a robot, then they may want to be a robot too. We simply do not have the money and resources to make everyone a robot.

All this being said, deep down I really do not think I am a robot. Which could actually show the true brilliance of my programming to never really dig deep and question my actual robot self and expose this prototype test. Good job creators and programmers!

cookston igou is a robot