Who Is Next To Play Spider-Man in Civil War?

which actor is spider-man civil war 2015After the recent announcement that Marvel will recast Spider-Man to appear in Captain America: Civil War, and possibly other Marvel movies, recasting has started for a younger Peter Parker. Now that Sony and Marvel reached an agreement for movie rights for Spider-Man, and filming has starter for Civil War, the casting has been narrowed down to six young men. Which one do you think will end up playing Spider-Man?

Asa Butterfield Spider-Man ActorAsa Butterfield
Age/Birthday: 18 (April 1st, 1997)
Known For: Hugo, Ender’s Game

Tom Holland Actor Spider-ManTom Holland
Age: 19 (June 1st, 1996)
Known For: The Impossible

Judah Lewis Actor Spider-ManJudah Lewis
Age/Birthday: ?
Known For:  Point Break (remake, 2015)

Matthew Lintz Spider-Man ActorMatt Lintz
Age/Birthday: ?
Known For: Pixels, The Crazies

Charlie Plummer Actor Spider-ManCharlie Plummer
Age/Birthday: 16 (May 24th, 1999)
Known For: Boardwalk Empire

Charlie Rowe Spider-Man ActorCharlie Rowe
Age/Birthday: 19 (April 23, 1996)
Known For: Neverland, Pirate Radio

If I had to pick, I would go with  Asa Butterfield. Asa has much acting experience, and looks the part. He looks much like Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Secondly, I would go with Charlie Rowe. He just plain looks like Spidey.