Bazzi Farmer Fran Meme:

There’s a new hit song that keeps playing on the radio, Beautiful by Bazzi. But I can’t help but laugh every time I hear one certain part in the song. I could swear its Farmer Fran from The Waterboy, and Joe Dirt. You know who he is, the mumbling redneck with the straw hat and overalls.

Okay, so if you’re familiar with the scene in Joe Dirt and the song you may already of connected the dots. But let me run through all this real quick. You can see the lyric, song, and Farmer Fran clip below for the joke. I have two reasons this new pop start reminds me of the old redneck.

The first reason is kind of obvious and common in many pop songs. The mumbling. If I could understand him a bit better this wouldn’t of even happened. But it did. And ironically, it happens to sound like a line of Farmer Fran in Joe Dirt. Bring me to the other point of reason.

In Joe Dirt he briefly meets Farmer Fran, the character seen before in Adam Sandler’s The Waterboy. Farmer Fran says “Home is where you make it”, but Joe hears “You like Homos Naked?”. See the clip. But also notice how close it is to this song lyric: “The way that Gucci look on you, amazing. But nothing can compare to when you’re naked.” But its kinda hard to understand, which supports my case as previously said. Well so there’s a new meme and a comical pop point.

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