Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Releases New Valley of Conquerors

As Bloodline Heroes of Lithas continues its updates with new graphics, champions, and events, they have added the new feature called Valley of Conquerors. Valley of Conquerors starts each week and you must sign up before hand to join.

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Valley of Conquerors Rules:

  • When the Valley of Conquerors opens, each player will be assigned to one of 4 alliances. Each alliance consists of 10 players.
  • Each player may assemble up to 3 squads of Champions to join the battle. You can change squad members at the spawn site.
  • Players will deploy their squads to capture structures to gain points for their alliance.
  • At the end of each season, players will receive rewards according to their alliance’s final ranking.

Valley of Conquerors Rewards

The good news with these rules for Valley of Conquerors is that no matter which place your alliance lands in you will still receive some type of reward. As stated their are 4 alliances, and the rewards goes with the ranking as followed.

  1. First Place Rewards:
    15 Summoning Crystals, 2 Red Equipment, 100 Construction Plans 5o million food.
  2. Second Place Rewards:
    12 Summoning Crystals, 2 Red Equipment, 75 Construction Plans 35 million food.
  3. Third Place Rewards:
    10 Summoning Crystals, 1 Red Equipment, 60 Construction Plans 25 million food.
  4. Fourth Place Rewards:
    7 Summoning Crystals, 1 Red Equipment, 50 Construction Plans 15 million food.