Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas Guide & Info

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Latest updates for Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas:

New Clan! The Scorching Fire
The codex has been updated to show the newest clan heroes, The Scorching Fire.

Valley of Conquerors is now released!
This week the chances of obtaining Lume champions is increased!

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is an rpg comp game based on leveling champions and boosting stats. Its basic function is running your city while building teams of five to fight bosses and campaigns. It is a recommended high rated mobile game for phones and tablets.

Beginning Tips!
Save diamonds for the summoning circle to get new champions with a chance to be legendary or mythic. Saving 2700 for 10 is a better deal in the long run.

Unlock dungeons since interrogations reward you with diamonds. You will get dungeon slots when leveling you might but it is a much longer process.

Stats Meaning and Definitions:
Strength: Damage output
Constitution: Total health points
Fortitude: Total defense
Leadership: Gold yield for assigned district
Intimacy: Rarity rate for heirs

Current Working Reference Codes For Bloodline:

How to use reference codes in Bloodlines?
Go to the profile page in the top left corner and click on the settings tab. Select reference codes and enter the following text.
New code for August/July 2022: bldcocreate

  • BLDC10k
  • BLD500k
  • BLD777
  • BLD623
  • BLDBLD (expired)

Bloodline Champion Tier List:

This champion tier list is our starting guide for what characters to focus on. Being a newer game, this list will change greatly as the game advances.

Latest Tier Changes:
Lionstone (Female) has moved up to Tier A. Her boost on damage and speed is a really good team buff, allowing faster energy regeneration and quicker games.

S Tier Champions:

  • Ignis (Female)
  • Yivnian (Female)
  • Lionstone (Male)
  • Fulgar (Female)
  • Tidestorm (Male)

A Tier Champions:

  • Lionstone (Female)
  • Ignis (Male)
  • Lycanis (Male)
  • Doombringer (Female)
  • Ugrull (Female)
  • Sallyhorn (Male)
  • Karguk (Male)
  • The Luxuriant (Female)
  • Fulgar (Male)
  • Travain (Female)
  • Tidestorm (Female)

B Tier Champions:

  • Lycanis (Female)
  • Doombringer (Male)
  • Karg (Male)
  • Karg (Female)
  • Yivnian (Male)
  • Lionstone (Female)
  • Aeson (Male)
  • Travain (Male)
  • Elzedith (Male)

C Tier Champions:

  • Ugrull (Male)
  • Gryphon (Female)
  • Lycanis (Female)
  • Zaess (Male)
  • Zaess (Female)
  • Aeson (Female)
  • Elzedith (Female)

D Tier Champions:

  • Gryphon (Male)
  • Sallyhorn (Female)
  • Karguk (Female)
  • The Luxuriant (Male)
  • Huntsdorf (Female)
  • Huntsdorf (Male)

Bloodline Companions Guide

Tip! raising companion stats are a great way to gain more might!
Tip! Focus on intimacy with one companion at a time to get a legendary or even mythic quick for better traits on marriage and replacing current champions.
Tip! Using the one star companions to make heirs only require 15 heir energy to raise to champion.

Companions are used to get gold production bonuses and spawn new champions, who start of as heirs to raise. Intimacy raises the rarity rate for the champions when they are born. Charm raises your production yield value in districts. Charisma raises production yield value as well. There are currently 19 companions with more to come. Once a companion is unlocked you can court them to create new champions.

Companions along with marriage is more geared to late/end game. That being said getting companions unlocked is one of the hardest long term tasks in the game. To unlock a companion you need to get usually 48 or 60 heart fragments called Favorability. Accept the last drawf companion who cost 18 Favorability the wolf companion who is unlocked by spending $30 in top ups. To gain Favorability you can use exploration, leveling your High Guardian’s might level, and by doing special events. It is a slow process.

Which Companions Give Which Champions:

Once you receive all the favorability you need to unlock a companion they will tell you which clan they create heirs for. However if you want to know which clan heir champion you will receive before trying to max out you companion we have created a list to help.

  • Talia/Zekiel – Yivnian
  • Valora/Couron – Karg
  • Elyria/Shallar – Zaess
  • Nharia/Norgim – Travain
  • Alysia/Karling – Aeson
  • Sharn/Dumarg – Ugrull
  • Kalista/Rudiger – Lycanis
  • Veshana/Vasholo – Doombringer
  • Fenya/Zethe – Elzedith
  • Dahlia/Gideon – Gryphon
  • Kirali/Agani – Ignis
  • Alacra/Kharon – Tidestorm
  • Thessala/Gnassag – The Luxurian
  • Zerga/Gastrof – Karguk
  • Rinhoa/Vendrick – Huntsdorf
  • Ellena/Eldwin – Lionstone
  • Nordrala/Ovolin – Sallyhorn

Note: Fulgur is the lightning companions and Lume is the blonde human companions. The lady Lume is holding a book.

How To Use Ascension Alters:

Ascension allows you to raise the star level of your champions. This allows you to have a higher level champion and slightly boost their stats. Each star gives 40 levels, such as one star equals 40 levels, five stars equals 200 levels. Ascending a champion requires using champions of the same star level and role. But, keep in mind this is like combining champions, and the ones used as materials to ascend the chosen hero will be gone! You can also lock champions so they are not used in automatic selection while using the ascension alter.

When leveling a four star to a five star you will need an identical four star champion. Combining different rarities will give the higher rarity, but that champion will keep its current traits.