Charlie Cox casted to play Daredevil on Netflix

Following the news that Steven S. DeKnight (Sparticus, Buffy) will be head producer, Marvel has now confirmed that the red devil known as Daredevile/Matt Murdock has been casted. Marvel has said before that if Daredevil appears again on screen, they want to do it right. It looks like Marvel is headed in the right direction this time with Daredevil.
charlie cox is daredevil Charlie Cox has been in big movies such as Stardust and Casanova, but was recently become well known for his work in Boardwalk Empires.

Daredevil is one of the many legendary characters created by Stan Lee. He is a street level superhero who fights many crime bosses and other villains in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Daredevil was hit by a truck carrying radioactive waste. The accident blinded him, but gave all his other senses superior strength. Daredevil can hear a heartbeat jump, and fill vibrations in the air. The Series will play on Netflix in 2015, and have 13 episodes.

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