Con Nooga 2019 – Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga’s biggest comic convention event of the year. A strong annual gathering drawing in many genres of sci-fi, cosplay, comics, movies and much more. February 22nd – 24th in Chattanooga, TN at the convention center downtown.

It’s almost here everyone!

Con Nooga 2019 Guest Stars

Paul St. Peter – Voice Actor
Radio Cult – Rock Band

Rinley Enecks – Artist
Alex Ogle – Artist
Andy Duggan – Artist
Tim Smith – Artists

Kaybear Cosplay – Cosplayer
Expedition Cosplay – Cosplayers
Fedorapool – Cosplayer

Alistair Cross – Author
Tamara Thorne – Author
Brazxton Crosby – Author
Daniel Peyton – Author
Kenyon Henry – Author
Gil Hough – Author
Tamara Lowry – Authort

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