Baby Sasquatch Caught On Camera

In the South of the U.S.A, around the Tennessee and Georgia state line, a baby Sasquatch (or Bigfoot) has been spotted wondering in the woods.

The YouTuber, was investigating site claims that a baby bigfoot was in the area. Although it is commonly called Bigfoot in the south, here he refers to him as a Sasquatch. It is uncertain if the names are only different from north to south, or if it is a different species entirely. Personally, I think there are related animals of the same species, much like different dog breeds. Whichever, it is clear there was some kind of creature in the woods this day.

Although this footage is a few years old, and taken with a low quality camera, it is some of the best quality footage of Bigfoot yet! Although he is still a bit blurry and pixelated from the camera footage, we can see more of this baby creatures shape and color. Or, like Mitch Hedberg said, maybe Bigfoot is blurry. That is the problem

Towards the end of the baby bigfoot video clip, we get a great glimpse of the majestic creatures facial expression and his famous feet. It seems the younger breeds are not as hairy as its full grown adult counter parts. This may help with temperatures while roaming alone. However they still are quite large babies. Another interesting feature prominent in this video are what appears to be thick hairy feet. This may allow for easy treading through wild terrain. Truly a creature of the wild.

One thing looks clear in this video clip. The young animal seems to be a bit timid, yet friendly. Tiny Bigfoot seems to be smiling and enjoying his daytime stroll, without any worries. Ah, how nice it must be to be free in the wild. Lucky Sasquatch.

It is good to see that people are still on the hunt for bigfoot, aliens, and other worldly phenomenons. Check out some of our other amazing discoveries, such as the mouse found on mars. It also has red circles. That’s important for web documentation.

Source: Gregg Gadd / YouTube