Could Kylo Ren Be A Good Guy? Supporting Facts

Star Wars is full of twists and character reveals. So when first seeing The Force Awakens it is no surprise there are many questions, specially since more movies will be made. Obviously I am not the only one to question Kylo Ren’s intentions, but could he really be a good guy? Here are some of my support facts with some thoughts.

1. There Is Still Light In Him
Snoke admits he thinks there is still light in Kylo Ren. J.J. Abram even admits that Ren is a conflicted character. Opposite of many Star Wars characters, he is trying to fight off the urge to be good.

2. Look At Kylo’s Family and Friends

3. He Really Wants that Blue Light Saber

4. Han Solo Admits His Faith In The Force
Han Solo didn’t always believe in all that Mumbo Jumbo

5. Kylo Ren knew Finn Was A Defective Storm Trooper

Bonus Thought: You’re So Right!
When first introduce, Kylo Ren is told, you cannot deny the truth that is your family. His reply, you’re so right. For some reason it is not just this phrase that catches my attention, but also how he says it. It sounds silly and sincere.

Bonus Thought:  Why He Attacked The Other Trainees

Is he redeemable?
Darth Vader did turn good at the end, after all he has done.

At first watch I thought there may be a chance of him playing the dark side, learning and getting inside to defeat the sith, Snoke and all darkness. This could even be something Luke Skywalker taught him, knowing his father (Darth Vader/Anakin) was once a Jedi, and actually turned good (at the end of Revenge of the Jedi) and defeated the Emperor in his final moments. BUT, after another view, he does some pretty bad things to need redeeming. Everyone thinks the worst thing was killing Han Solo, but think of the planets and populations destroyed because of him. That’s quite a bit of causalities to forgive, pretty hard to justify. So at most, Kylo Ren may be playing both sides, for his own benefit or reasons.

Reasons Kylo Ren May Turn Out To Be Good:
He may of been saving someone from the other trainees. (Rey?)
He really wanted that blue light saber.
He had good family and friends.

Reasons Kylo Ren will likely stay on the dark side:
Kill Them All. THe Villagers