How Does Superman Fly?

Many scientists, writers, and comic fans have pondered this question.
Is it the cape? Is it a super jump? or just an unexplained ability.
Superman is a hero of great power. So like many super heroes, people are constantly questioning the limit and science of his powers. Here are a few theories around the internet and comic culture of how Superman Flies.

Theory One: Jumping, Krypton Strength and the Sun
Although the comics rarely explain the origin of his flight power, it is shown in movies and comics that he originally got better at jumping long distances because of his super strength, looking like he was flying. But as he advanced in his super hero role he learned how to control this power. So although jumping high buildings and long distances can be expained, how does he change direction and fly i space?

(This ties in great with the progression of Superman comics and tv, movies. He originally did nott fly

Theory Two: Superman is Built to fly
This theory is more expressed in the comics, such as Man of Steel by john byrns. This theory is that Superman is basically built to fly. Although he looks human, his Kryptonian body has different organs and functions, such as anti-gravity and possibly his own gravity field. Although he cannot fly on Krypton, these organs allowed him to live on the planet Krypton, while earth humans would be crushed by ther strength of gravity on Krypton. There is also a refence of Tactile-telekinesis in the comics.

Theory Three: Combination of his other powers
The newest theory of how Superman flies is a combination of science and his other powers. Since superman can create heat (such as heat vison) and move extremely fast, he is able to effect the environment around him. By vibrating and changing the air around him, he can create a projected path. Much like a normal person swimming, but way more advanced. By combining his powers and shifting his wieght, he is able to fly as needed. I still cant say how he flies in space. Any ideas or commentS? please let us know what you think