Cyborg, Android, or Robot?

Often in sci-fi movies and comics we see a mix of robotics and AI lifeforms that often play a major part. Although all are based on technology and AI theories, all three are uniquely different. 

What are Robots?
famous-robotsRobots are more distinct from cyborgs and androids, that they do not try to resemble humans and function like human parts. Robots can have wheels, claws, and look nothing like a human. However some robots will talk or have features like a human. Often design tricks are used to resemble features such as lights/cameras where eyes would be. At some point robots cross a line when they look and act human, and this would be more of an Android. We currently have robots.

What is a Cyborg?
Cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) are often a mix of human and robot. While androids try to resemble humans, cyborgs give the human body extra powers and often look robotic. Cyborgs can be an advanced human body, or a hybrid of biology and technology. We seem to be in the process of making cyborgs.

What is an Android?
Androids are robots that are so highly advanced in AI and design that they can act and interact like other humans. Although its parts may resemble human organs, it has to be all synthetic, otherwise it would be more of a cyborg. Android also show better emotions and thought than robots.

Now this easily defines many mechanical friends we know, but there will always be characters outside of all three of these boxes. Such as the Transformers, who were robots (in disguise), but I think now they’re just techno-aliens. We are not as close to making androids as we wish.

Other forms of robots:
Exoskeleton/armor: A mechanic armor or small vehicle made for one person.
AI: A synthetic brain with or without any physical form.

Simple definition using Star Wars for Robots, Cyborgs, and Androids
R2-D2: Robot
C-3PO: Android
Cyborg: General Grievous/Darth Vader