Daredevil Season 2: Review and Thoughts

After a great weekend of binge watching one of my favorite heroes, Daredevil, grow into a completion of the character I love from the comics, I think its time to write out my thoughts on this new season.
Warning! Mild spoilers and show discussion!

How Does Season Two compare to Season One?
Season Two picks up soon after the first, completing everything we recognize as Daredevil by the end of the series.  Each episode is packed full of fights and drama. While each episode has more appeal than the first season, it is not as climatic as the end of season one. I was left hanging with more questions and less direction than the first, also with no clear main villain in the last episodes, leaving the spotlight to the struggle of the vigilantes.

Pace and Action
Season Two seems like Law & Order meet Kung-Fu. So having an opened mind about vigilantes and super powers is hard to blend into a serious tone. With more surprises and instant answers, the pace is great, constantly showing guest appearances and many plots.

Setting The Tone For Civil War
Marvel has done a great job in having its movies and shows tie into future MCU events, such as the Infinity Gauntlet and the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. But this time there is a quite and unsettling tone of different interested stirring in the MCU, and Marvel’s Daredevil may be the start. A few key moments in Daredevil season two shows the dividing of the public opinion of super heroes (or vigilantes). Thanks to the Punisher, these ideals reach the extreme and demands the government to take action. Also, Punisher is the perfect kicking off point of Civil War. While other heroes defend against obvious threats and are against killing, The Punisher is surely breaking the law. Like Karen Page says, she believes in him, but ultimately think he needs to be in prison. The conflict is real inside Karen.
Another few notes on Daredevil foreshadowing Civil War.
Foggy Nelson is against Matt Murdock being Daredevil, often hurting their friendship. And the new law firm he considers being with, says that considering the past few months, outside-the-box thinking will be needed for future events. Another humorous scene is the jury selection, where citizens of New York are split on how justified The Punisher is for his action. Some call for punishment, some call for reasonable actions.

The Character Of Daredevil
Much like season one, daredevil is still developing into the character we know in the comics. Becoming a more diverse fighter, and a still evolving suit and weapons. By the end of the season, Daredevil is missing only one thing, a more light weight suit and more parkour and agility (you can even see this evolving in season 2).
One of my favorite scenes in the whole series is when daredevil laughs for sec between fighting, after pulling the trigger of the gun Punisher tied onto his hand, realizing it was never loaded. This shows the humor and enjoyment Matt Murdock has for being Darevil. It also shows how The Punisher had no intentions of letting DD become a murderer. Is it possible that The Punisher and Daredevil secretly respects their moral choices and reasoning? With these experience, you can tell Matt is becoming more asorbed into the role of the vigilante, pushing his real life identity and friends aside. He even does try to choose Elektra over Karen, which turns into a bad decision.

Elektra: How We Love To Hate Her
“This is who I am. Do you still want me?” Not only is Elektra delivering mean lines constantly through the show, she even constantly pushes Daredevil to his limits or morality. Adding to the character of Daredevil of the comics we love, he is often facing choices of love over his vigilante career.

The Punisher: The Anti-Hero
One intersting fact about the Punisher is that it looks like you could of easily died a couple times. In the comic books, it is revealed that Frank Castle (Punisher) may be indestructible. In fact the bullet in his head, the boat explosion, and other times, he may of actually should of died. His dedication to vengeance may have allowed him to break a deal with mystical forces, allowing him to

A Few Easter Eggs and References
Claire Temple
Did anyone notice that Darevil was released the day after St. Patty’s Day? It is fairly interesting that DD is Irish Catholic, and the first mob/gang you goes after are the Irish.

Getting Closer To Forming The Defenders
The Defenders fight against mystical and magical elements. It is already set that the Defenders will be the fifth Marvel & Netflix original series, and will most likely feature Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil. Although the Defenders line-up is nothing like the comics, it may still hold true to the comics by having Dr. Strange help create the team. This may be possible since the Dr. Strange movie will be released before Iron Fist the series and The Defender series.

The Future of Daredevil on Netflix
While some people may be disappointing that Bullseye, a main enemy of Daredevil, has not yet knowingly appeared. But consider how powerful a character Bullseye is, this could be a good move. His powers and agility would have to be watered down to fit into the story. But after this last season, its possible DD is ready for the challenge.

Personally, I am hoping to see some Mysterio, and possible connections to