Batman Seen in New Suicide Squad Trailer

Last night the internet and DC fan boys got a treat with a new Suicide Squad trailer. Not only does this feauture many scenes not yet shown, it also shows The Dark Night himself, Batman in the trailer. Batman is seen what seems to be him saving Harley Quinn, using the Batmobile, and jumping into water. See the video and pictures below!

Suicide Squad Trailer April 10th 2016

This trailer, specially combined with the previous ones, speaks volumes of what we can expect from the Suicide Squad movie, but here are some images of Batman from the trailer:
batman in suicide squad trailer 001
Here Batman is seen with a mouthpiece, most likely to help him breathe under water.

batman in suicide squad trailer 002
Batman landing on a car, probably after the joker or one of his henchman. Possibly this could be the same scene with Harley Quinn.

batman in suicide squad trailer 003
In this trailer scene batman is carrying Harley Quinn towards the Batmobile.

So how does Batman’s appearance effect the Suicide Squad movie? Since this movie is obvious a tie in to the new DC movie universe, it isn’t suprising to see Bats show up. However, all these clips could all be from one part of the movie. Batman may only pop up once, being part of the origin of Harley Quinn along with The Joker.

So far the only idea taken from this cool add in, is that this Gotham trio, Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn may be a huge part of the back story and plot for The Suicide Squad movie.