Deep Thoughts With The Deep Meme

A new meme format has popped up for starting in early August 2022. It is based off the character The Deep from the Amazon show The Boys, based on a comic by the same name. The Deep, played by Chase Crawford, was featured on the YouTube channel Vought International. Vought International is the fictional company responsible for creating superheroes on the show.

The YouTube video shows The Deep making what he considers deep thoughts. Like the meme, the clip is called “Deep Thoughts With The Deep“. But really they are cheesy yet funny observations. The format often shows old jokes that have been featured on previous memes such as Philosoraptor, and even can be traced back to older jokes like “Confucius Say“. Also, it could also be confused with the SNL classic skit, Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy.

Deep Thoughts From The Video

“Being attracted is its own sort of prison”

“What if we stopped offering thoughts and prayers and offered prayers and thoughts.”

“For many years we watched TV but now TV watches us”

“You have my permission to love”

For more watch the video above!

Deep Thought Memes

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