Tower of Fantasy Walkthrough

Chapter 1-01

Level One:
When starting the game and going through the tutorial you will need to first get your weapon and fight a few monster before opening the next area. When you are told to climb the wall be sure to go to the one straight ahead that is flat and goes straight up. you will enter a cut scene, battling a giant monster. After the cut scene you will awaken in Astra Shelter. this will have some story dialogue and introduce you to some characters. They will then ask you to get you weapon and follow them to Celine.

Level Two:
You will naturally gain experience and reach level two before meeting Celine. This is usually done around the time you talk to Mi-a. Go to the right of the building you woke up in to meet Celine. She will start a cutscene then allow you to customize your character. The choices will not impact your stats or gameplay. Then Shirli will show you around the shelter. Follow the blue path to Shirl and Palu. Then follow the blue path to drone and tap explore to retrieve the river data, plant data, rock data, and geological data. Return to Palu. This will raise you to level 4.

Level Four:
Wait what happened to level 3? Anyway. Shirli will take you to meet Celine, who will explain she can’t sale anything until spacerift is fixed. Shirli will take you to the spacerift, asking for you to grab the item out of the building. Shirli also explains how the spacerift is a kind of teleporter. Also now your hex menu in the top right will appear and can be checked out. After inserting the item into the spacerift, some Watchers will appear to fight, along with a miniboss watcher, Altered Watcher. Defeat them and reach level 5.

Level Five:
After defeating the monsters find Shirli in the building the item was in. She will take you on a mission to find Franz. She warns of the danger close by. Run to Franz to find out how to fix te spacerift. Franz leaves to help fix the spacerift. And Shirli tries to fix the deconstructer. She sends you to meet another friend for help. But, now you get the jetpack! This is the first of many Relics you can use. Use the jetpack to jump to Ruin A-01. There will be a monster waiting. Afterwards you will get to choose if you want Exploration Mode or Guided Mode. We recommend guided for easier gameplay.

Level Six:
Follow the main line mission Shirli’s Request, and head to the Amnius Tower. Once there, you can talk to Scrapper to connect towers. Scrapper will send you on your next quests, Soar and Ecological Station. use your jetpack to safely jump off the high ledge. Fund the station and defeat the Steelspine and Hyena gang. Then talk to Scrapper. HE will activate the Hykros weapon system. This will aloow you to do the next mission, Order Weapon Supply Gacha part? Here you will summon your first Simulacram. Here you will get a tutorial on using the Simulacram System. Next find all the harvestors, and use the spacerift to teleport back to Shirli.

Level Seven:
After returning to Shirli you will be introduced to cooking with the cooking pot. First you will need to swim in the river and catch some fish by swimming over them. Then return to the cooking pot and cook some fish to eat!

Level Eight:
Shirli will ask you to pick up the water core and place it in the deconstruct or to finish fixing it. Zeke and Franz will then show up. After a small argument Shirli will run off. Follow the blue path back to the Astra Shelter to find and talk to Shirli. While Shirli and Zeke are talking, the Astra Shelter gets attacked. Fight off the robots and follow Shirli to activate the guards. After that rejoin the fight. Now you will learn your bow skill!

Level Nine:
Follow Zeke across the bridge and use the defense turrets to stop the attack. During the defense Shirli gets hurt. Continue the fight and go towards the glider. Shoot down the airship and prepare for the boss. Here you will learn about Phantasia. Defeat Commander Habaka. There will be a few lettuce laying around to collect. Use the spacerift to return.

Level Ten:
Talk to Palu to continue the story missions. He will ask you to go to Zeke. To get there use the jetpack and climb up the mountain. Shirli will ask for some food, but when you get back she will be missing.