Deftones – This Link Is Dead: Lyrics and Meanings

This Link Is Dead is Track 07 on Deftones’ album Ohms.

This Link Is Dead Song Lyrics:

You want action?
Yeah, I’m aware which form you think I should try
That shit means nothing
You see, I’m done
Right now I think it’s time that you know
Pay attention
Watch me close
As I decide which fucking way I move
I’m filled up with true hatred
No, that don’t work
You would swear you’re why I am here
That don’t mean nothing
There’s nothing wrong
I can choose how this will unfold
And I feel like fire, but my heart is cold
Open your eyes, you’ll see this shit’s no fun
‘Cause I’m filled up with true hatred
And I relate to no one
It’s a useless game
I’m slowly closing down
You snap your fingers and you think I’ll respond
Fuck, I will never need your guide
Some day, yeah, you can show me, right?
That shit means nothing
You see I’m done
Take your ideas and fucking have some fun
You’re on your own, you’re on your own
You should, you should
Look deep inside, you might see
I’m just fine
Look close, close inside
Don’t miss this moment you may never get back
I’ll show you something, something prized
Well, you were there, you think you know what it’s like?
I have no patience now for expectation, wow
Fuck this shit, leave me alone
You’re on your own
You’re on your own
I’m sure, I’m sure, oh

This Link Is Dead Song Meaning:

Following up from the previous track which touches on loneliness, it seems this is a track about coming to term with negative feelings and thoughts, and feeling alone. Talking about “true hatred” Chino is trying to make it clear that this hatred isn’t towards any certain being, but towards elements of life.

The lyrics show a spiritual growth and disconnect from the world, but in a good way. In this song there is a peace to be found in being alone, choosing your own paths and ideas, and not necessarily needing others to agree or approve.