Deftones – Urantia: Lyrics and Meaning

Urantia is Track 03 on Deftones’ albums Ohms.

Urantia Song Lyrics:

I slipped into the cloak you left
I fiddle around in the ashtray
To find your cigarette pinkish red
I light it and take a drag
I swear
I’m losing it
With all these erased recordings, I’m rearranging parts
You should accept we’ll probably remain this way to the end
In steps
Underneath the sheets I find your
Makeup and shoes in a bag laid open
Grab my keys and some money and circle around the lake
I guess
You’re losing it
I like to believe that maybe you’re a lot like me
Try using this equality, we might need in the air
‘Cause there are no more left like you
A picture perfect strange
Imagined in one shape
Tempt my spirit within my name
We crawled in the tomb and release some honey
Eighteen hundred million ways striving to make it last
There is no one left like you
A picture perfect strange
Imagined in one shape
There are no more thrills I’ll need
The desire that we shared
From the channels of our dreams
To the grave
Find you again somewhere, I believe
You’ll find me somewhere again, I believe

Urantia Song Meaning:

The lyrics alone of Urantia sounds like someone missing someone they met, and crushing a bit on them, while having positive thoughts and spirits at the thought of them. Mixing this with the origin of the name of the song Urantia, it kind of makes since.

Urantia is most notably used as a title of a book from 1955 The Urantia Book. This book’s subject matter is the history and destiny of mankind, how all religions and peoples are connected, and how we are all one big family of God.

Sounds like someone met someone, a muse if you will, who inspires them to dig deeper into their own spirit and life meaning.