Disney Plus Streaming Service Shows & Movies

Disney plans to launch its own online streaming service for its shows in movies. Calling this service Disney Plus, it is planned to be released in early 2018. It will be a strong competition for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other streaming services.

Disney currently owns Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, and soon Fox, along with all its other famous stories and movies. The streaming service will feature classics along with new remakes and original shows. It sounds like its going to drop with quite a kick.

Let’s take a look at what the Disney streaming service, Disney Plus, is said to have. This article includes movies and shows on Disney Plus, upcoming originals and remakes, and shows that will not be featured.

Disney Plus: Marvel

Marvel is one of Disney’s biggest properties. So it is no surprise they will be streaming many MCU movies, along with new shows based in the same Marvel Universe. This includes the following.

Loki: The Limited Series
This is confirmed, and will feature Tom Hiddleston.

The Falcon & Winter Soldier
Name unconfirmed. This live action show will feature two Marvel heroes from the MCU movies.

Scarlet Witch Series
This series is still debatable. Although a rumor at this time, fans are hoping for it. This show would be a great tie in for the other series, along with the movies.

As a major Daredevil fan, I am personally hoping the series continues on Disney Plus. This could possibly include appearances by other defenders.

Disney Plus: Star Wars

Three Star Wars series are set to launch with the new Disney streaming service. Also we may see quite a few of the main sage movies, and previous shows. Clone Wars and Rebels is expected to be included.

Clone Wars Season 7
Following the major series that went from Cartoon Network to Netflix, will now continue on Disney Plus.

Rogue One Prequel Series
Not too much is yet known about this series. However Cassian Andor will return for the show.

The Mandalorian
Iron Man director Jon Favrou takes on the Star Wars universe in this new series. I have a feeling its in good hands here.

New Disney Plus Streaming Shows:

Besides Star Wars & Marvel shows, Disney will be taking some of its other big names and creating new shows. Such as the following.

High School Musical: The Musical (Series)
Mighty Ducks (Series)
Monsters INC. (Series)
Muppets (Series)

Disney Plus Streaming Originals:

Magic Camp (Movie)
Noelle (Movie)
Don Quixote
Flora & Ulysses
High Fidelity (Show)

Disney Plus Streaming Remakes:

Father of the Bride
Lady and the Tramp
The Parent Trap
Honey I shrunk The Kids
3 Men And A Baby
The Sword In The Stone

Shows Disney Plus Streaming Will Not Have:

Agents Of Shield (ABC)
Daredevil Seasons 1-3 (Netflix)

Besides these listed titles, it is said to have over 5000 shows and movies. Were talking over half a century of properties from Disney. More info to come as we find out!

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