Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Posts on Instagram About Future of Black Adam in James Gunn’s DCEU

After James Gunn and Peter Safran revealed their plans to complete reboot the DC movie universe (DCEU), many fans were left wondering what that means for the future for current DC actor. So far the most successful attempt at a full movie universe for DC was Zack Snyder’s work on Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman and The Justice League. However, that part of the franchise seems to be completely over and a whole new beginning for DC movies are near. Only recently Henry Cavill went to Instagram to post he is no longer playing SUperman after meeting with James Gunn. We got a post and memes on that.

Now, only a few days later, Dwayne “The Rock Johnson has went to Instagram as well to tell fans his role as Black Adam is not likely to return as well. At least, he didn’t say Black Adam will no longer be played by him, or that Black Adam will not be returning at all, but no time soon. He says there are no plans for this first chapter in the DCEU movie reboot. But that does not mean there isn’t a future.

Still, this is disappointing news for DC fans. And, it is also a major surprise as Henry Cavill replayed his role as Superman in an end credit scene of The Rock’s Black Adam movie. But, we can understand if you’re going to reboot everything, that means recasting all superheroes and villains to not cause confusion. To James Gunn’s credit, he did only recently take over and the bonus scene was not his idea. Regardless, some fans are highly criticizing this decision and even going as far to start a hashtag for #firejamesgunn.

Keep in mind when it comes to comic book movies anything is possible. James Gunn is known for subverting fan theories and predictions, and we can all hope this is just a plan to see how much people want these characters to return. Other possibilities are that they are just simply not included in the first phase of the DC reboot, but future phases. And of course, DC could do its own multiverse cross over with previous actors like Marvel did. After all, they did it first in the comics with Crisis of Infinite Earths.