Eminem’s 2018 Album Kamikaze Cover Artwork Pays Tribute To Beastie Boys’s Licensed To Ill

Eminem made a stealth bomb of a move releasing an album unexpectedly on midnight, Friday August 31st named Kamikaze. The new Slim Shady album features a variety of influences of past and current rap, and shows an obvious reference to the Beastie Boys hit and music changing album Licensed to Ill. Strangely some people are offended believing Marshall Mathers ripped off the album artwork. However, that is unnecessary, and in this digital era of media, covers are not near as important as previous decade. This is a compete tribute to beast boys.

The main similarities are obvious. The image of the tail of a plain for the cover, the color palette of the artwork, even the marking on the planes are similar. Licensed to Ill had a backwards (EAT ME) on the plane, while Kamikaze has a backwards (SUCK IT). Sean Connery would be proud. Another complete tribute (or copy depending your stance) is the crashing of the plane on the other side. Although done differently, it shares the same concept.

There are a few differences in these rap stars album covers worth noting. Such as, the difference in the jets/planes design. The crashes look much different as well. While the Beastie Boys plane wreck looks like a cigeratte recently put out, Kamikaze shows more of an explosion and a pilot. The Eminem back cover also shows more graphics on the plane.

The 2018 album includes new songs with artists such as Joyner Lucas, Jessie Reyez, and Royce Da 5’9. Also, the album features a song Venom for the motion picture by Sony of the same name… Venom. Ha, and you thought this article had nothing to do with comics.