Family Guy – Is Brian Dead and Gone Permanently?

brian dead of family guy replacedToo many people’s surprise, in the 6th episode of Family Guy, aired Sunday 11-24-2013, they claimed to have killed off the laid back yet critical dog, Bryan. But id this death permanent? Fox and creator of Family Guy (who also does the voice for Brian) both say this is for real. Brian will not be coming back as a main character. However, how far can you trust the writer/creator of Family Guy.

Rather this is a publicity stunt or not, it is looking like Brian will be off the show for awhile at the very least. That or there may be a few episodes explaining more details about what will happen to Brian, making it another Family Guy saga. The full episode on Brian’s death, titled “The Life of Brian”, will be available for viewing on next Monday (8 days after first air).

Even Fox recognized the death of Brian in this tribute video.

It might seem impossible to come back from a death by getting hit by a car. But we must remember this is Family Guy. Time travel, other dimensions, or things happening without reason is possible. But I will say if the fans want it Fox and Seth will probably deliver. However it seems not too many fans really mind.

A video has been found with one of the producers of family guy admitting they are planning on killing off one of the main characters of family guy. The video was from last July. See that video here.