Peter Dinklage joins X-Men: Days of Future Past Cast

Peter Linkage has now been officially added to the cast of the upcoming 2014 Marvel/Fox movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. The movie is a sequel to X-Men first class, and does tie into the original X-Men trilogy. Although most of the cast has been credited with their characters, Bryan Singer and the film crew are keeping it a secret still who Dinklage is playing.

Peter Dinklage with Bryan Singer X-Men
Internet rumors, with not any validation far as we know, suggest he will be playing Bolivar Trask. This suggestion/rumor started due mainly to two facts. Bolivar Trask is the creator of the Sentinels, who are in the movie, and has about the same facial hair Peter Dinklage is seen with. I disagree with this theory. I may be wrong, but I see him playing a character with more depth.

My main arguments are that there is no point of keeping casting of a role such as Bolivar Trask a big secret. Also he is one of the main antagonists in the movie according to Bryan Singer. So I am assuming this will be mutant character. Would I be the only one to find it strange that someone who is naturally different in structure would be expected to play a character known for his hatred of people who are different (mutants)? X-Men good and bad have always associated differences in society to their suffering, such as coming out of the closet puns, mutants from many races, and even looking different. So who then will be played by Peter Dinklage, Puck, Trask, or someone random?

Peter Dinklage as Trevor Fitzroy X-Men
My guess is that Peter Dinklage will play Trevor Fitzroy. The reasoning is fairly simple. Trevor Fitzroy is a time traveling bad guy, and Dinklage is playing a bad guy in the time travelling story line. Simple enough right? And for further evidence, check out the facial hair. Way more similar to Dinklage than Trask. Think I am right? We will find out. If not then who else are we looking at?

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