Heroes Of The Storm Tier List

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What are Tier List & How are they used?

This list is a compiled collection from many creditable websites who focus on heroes of the storm. Some players believe tiers don’t exist. Other players think its too situational to have certain tier levels. But there is always some useful info from the researched tier list.

At the very least, tier levels give players an idea on who is considered powerful, and usually the most picked/played. Also, top tier heroes can also help determine who to ban in certain drafting situations.

This list uses my teams experience in game, community comments, and lists from website sources such as TenTonHammer, Robogrub, and others such as Heroescounters and Icyveins.  Ten Ton Hammer has been the leader of tier lists for a few years and is often updated. However, many players have been leaning towards grubby and other articles with deeper content on current patches. All Are worth checking out for an all around understanding.

1st Tier Heroes

1st tier heroes are consider more powerful than most. They are commonly first choice picks. The may change often with the meta, but are considered the strongest in the community.

  • Diablo 
  • Azmodan
  • Fenix
  • Whitemane

2nd Tier Heroes

2nd tier heroes have way more variety. Although the may not be considered the most powerful heroes as tier 1, they give more options for team building and counter picks. 

  • Rehgar
  • Medhiv
  • Gul’dan
  • Muradin