How Will The X-Men Enter The MCU?

Now that Disney is closer than ever to getting the rights back to X-Men and the Fantastic Four back from Fox, it seems its only a matter of time until the X-Men along with all their villains and allies joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But after over ten years of movies, how could Marvel introduce their beloved mutants into the MCU? Here are some of our favorite and original ideas on how it might be done.

♠ Mutants have been around the whole time
This is probably the most casual way in with many options. It could lead with a X-Men reboot or combining of the two movie universes.
Since the MCU is based is a universe where advanced science, magic, aliens, and cosmic powers exist, it wouldn’t be far fetched for mutants to exist. In fact it would make sense to explain the recent uprising in super powers in individuals was related to a genetic mutation in humans. But why haven’t we heard of them? This problem in introducing mutants to the MCU could be covered a few ways.
a) There wasn’t many mutants around until recently, thanks to technology, radiation, and all that’s happened recently. Current events have caused the evolving mutants to spring up.
b) Professor X hasn’t always been known to make the best judgement calls in the comics. He could of easily decide to use Cerebro to wipe all knowledge of mutants from humankind. But since superheroes are everywhere now, why not let the X-Men be seen?
c) They never said they weren’t there! This is a bit cheesy. But they could pull off the whole thing by saying mutants have always existed in the MCU, we just didn’t tell you about it! And at the same time, they have just been hiding and staying undercover.
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♣ The Infinity Gauntlet Changes Everything
If Disney/Marvel knew there was a good chance this deal would go through long ago they may have set up a few ways to introduce the characters later. What better time to do so than after the chaos of the Infinity War? The stones hold the power to change all of time and space, even reality as we know it. Thanos (or anyone who wills it with a full gantlet) could simply wish mutants into being. Granted that would be a strange go to. But the infinity gauntlet could still lead to the X-Men and many new mutants joining the MCU because of its amazing power. After all, it did help create the twins, and vision… and that was just one. Other stones could play into the introduction. In fact you could break up the possibilities with each stone.

♥ Time Travelling to Change Events
Now we’ve already seen Doctor Strange mess with time. So it is possible in the MCU. Also, the Avengers has a main villain, Kang, who is known for time travelling and causing trouble. Captain Marvel movie (which is in-between the next two Avengers movies) is set around the 80s, or decades past. So there are many ways the history itself of the established Marvel Universe could be changed.

♦ Dimensional Travel
Since the cosmic universe is opening up more and more, who knows what tech and magic will lead to a new or already existing X-Men Universe.

** Deadpool may be the only one to survive a reboot
*** Hugh Jackman has been said to want to play Wolverine in the MCU