Idleon! Boss Fight: Chizoar

Chizoar is the main boss at the end of World 3. Chizoar’s Cavern reach Crystal Basecamp in World 3. Like previous world bosses, he requires opening the last portal of the world and using boss keys to access. 1 key opens up normal mode, 5 keys open up chaotic mode.

Chizoar Stats:
40 million HP

Tips & Notes:
Chizoar does not have any healing mechanics. Focus on having defense and high health with shrines and health potions for an easy win!

Chizoar Attacks & Mechanics

Chizoar mainly 4 attacks, and a defensive mechanic.

The first attack you will see quite frequently is the stomp. When Chizoar stomps, icicles will fall down.

The second is a deadly attack Chizoar does is an enlarge tusk attack. This attack does heavy damage and can easily one shot a defenseless mage.

The third attack is a leg stomp which does damage. This is only triggered when standing underneath Chizoar, and can do about as much damage as his tusk attack.

The fourth attack Chizoar does is another ice attack. This is summoned by his back legs, creating ice spikes to pop out of the ground in a line.

Another mechanic that Chizoar has is summoning icy balls to the stage. While these icy balls are up Chizoar cannot take damage. You will see the purple chain spin that is connected to his strange nail nose before they are summoned. Destroy each ball before trying to attack the boss.

Chizoar Item Drops

Chizoar can drop a Chizoar Spike (monster drop for crafting) gems, boss keys, statues, XP potions, Chizoar Card, and a rare piece of gear. We are still farming and collecting info on what all he drops.

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